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The year is 2016; the place is Ntinda, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda, right in the middle of Africa. The price of bitcoin is pushing at $500 and XLM, well few people had even taken notice of it at $0.001!

Ntinda Complex, the first “real” office building in the area, is in its final stages of completion and Kahwa2Go Coffee shop has just opened on the ground floor. In the corner of the coffee shop, amongst the noise of drills and jackhammers sat three guys with their coffees — Emma and Andre doing their best to sell the concept of…

Imagine being able to have your crypto account available as part of your bank’s app that you use for daily transactions, being able to seamlessly move value between your crypto assets and your local fiat money account, buy and sell crypto, sending money or crypto assets to your friends in another country as easy as sending a chat. Imagine sending money to somebody’s phone that does not even have a bank account and they can go and withdraw it at a Stellar ATMX. No need to imagine that any more!

The picture above was taken this week at a commercial…

With Clic.World and Stellar sending money is now as easy as sending a chat!

In November 2017 Clic.World demonstrated the world’s first Stellar ATM at the Singapore Fintech Festival, seamlessly transferring cash between Stellar Lumens (XLM), Singapore Dollars (SGD) and Uganda Shillings (UGX).

Although interesting and certainly a novelty at the time, the main purpose behind building the ATM was to practically demonstrate the concept of using XLM as a global store of value for any local fiat currency. (Shipping of the first of these Stellar ATMX units are scheduled for February 2018)

Now that we can convert cash easily into and from XLM, the question is what next? Why not use XLM as…

Andre van Zyl

Co-Founder at Clic.World responsible for Strategy and product Development

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